During the Covid-19 pandemic it’s sometimes necessary to isolate residents to keep others safe. However the team at Windmill House noticed that a 14-day isolation was having a detrimental affect on those individuals, leading to an increase in falls, decreased mobility, weight loss and cognitive impairment.

To ensure that all residents are receiving the best possible care, the management set up a dedicated programme of engagement, named ‘Rainbow SAS’. Rainbow to represent the heroic response of careworkers nationwide and the gratitude of the nation for their efforts, and SAS to acknowledge the covid-19 enemy our care team are confronting.

One carer on each shift is designated as ‘Rainbow SAS’ and provides dedicated physio, nutrition and meaningful, person-centred activities for residents who are unable to leave their rooms. For example, we spent time with one tennis-fan resident creating a collage of famous former players and reminiscing, as well as playing a unique game of ‘room tennis’, which both served to boost cognitive ability and engagement.

It’s been so successful that we’re rolling it out in our other homes too.