Meaningful connections


Older people have so much to offer younger generations, which is why our homes are a hub for intergenerational connections and an active part of the communities they stand in. 

Oaks and Acorns


Intergenerational interactions have been shown to address isolation by bringing different age groups together in creative, fun ways. Our Oaks and Acorns scheme connects our residents with children from a local playgroup for regular storytelling and play. The children love the dedicated time with their extra grandparents, and our residents relish the whirlwind of young energy. 

Visiting groups


As well as pre-school connections, we’ve got good links with local schools, Scouts and community groups, who regularly come in to perform shows, sing songs or play music. A visiting library service means there’s always new reading material to delve into. Local history groups drop by to give seminars on points of interest and pet therapists come in with soothing dogs, rabbits and ponies. 

Pastoral care

Spiritual health means just as much to us as your physical and mental wellbeing, no matter what your faith or religion. We host regular communion services with our community priest, and can arrange any spiritual services and celebrations that you’d like.

Our pastoral care team are on hand when times feel challenging and ready to offer comfort and support.