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In response to Osbourne Court’s inspection report

We are so disappointed to have received a rating from CQC of ‘Requires Improvement’ after the latest inspection. We always strive to achieve the highest levels of care and we consider the inspection process an opportunity to demonstrate that. On the latest occasion we have failed in our aims and have been given a sharp reminder that we need to be better.

We took instant action even before the report was published to put right what was seen to be wrong and we are confident that we are now back up to the high levels of care that we are known for.

It is unfortunate that whilst we see the ‘Requires Improvement’ as a huge stain on our reputation it is not seen by CQC as a significant problem. Therefore, whilst we feel we were quickly back up to speed, it is not CQC policy to reinspect in the near future and we have no opportunity to have the rating raised. Frustratingly, the current Covid virus crisis suggests that a reinspection will take even longer to happen.

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